Netis WF2150 N600 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter Review

Testing & Methodology

Testing the wireless performance is a pretty straight forward job for which I will be using Passmark’s PerformanceTest8 and its built-in Advanced Network Test. The benchmarks will be done with both static packages with a size of 16384 Bytes and variable package with a size ranging from 32 Bytes up to 16384 Bytes.

I will also adjust the distance between the test system and the access point that it is connected to. I will place it at three different locations and run all benchmarks each place. The first test will be run in a co-location with less than a meter distance between the two, the second is about 10 meters while the third round of tests will be performed at about 25-meters distance.

That should give a good impression on the entire list of capabilities, performance, and range abilities. While it’s easy to test wired connections in a controlled environment, we need to keep in mind that environmental factors can’t be avoided with the wireless signals and that there might be variations to other scenarios.



  • Passmark PerformanceTest 8: Advanced Network Test