Netis PL7500 Kit AV500 Powerline Adapter Kit Review

Final Thoughts


There isn’t any US version available and as such we can’t provide an US price either this time. But there is an EU and a UK version. You can for example find the Netis PL7500 Kit at Amazon for £37.50 or Jacob Elektronik Direct for €48.10.


Netis has created a couple of beautiful Powerline adapters with their PL7500. The egg-shaped devices are a lot smaller than the ones we’ve tested previously and would fit well into futuristic homes as well as 70-themed and more classical environments. Once it’s plugged in, it’s configured and out of sight and you might very well forget that you have installed it.

The performance was okay; It wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad either. We saw a throughput of around 40Mbps with TCP transfers and up to 95Mbps with UDP transfers. This isn’t record breaking, but it should be more than enough for surfing and streaming.

If you aren’t allowed to drill holes in your apartment or house, or the wireless strength isn’t enough to reach the far ends of it – then a Powerline Adapter Kit is just the right thing for you. The plug and play usage makes it so simple that anyone can do it, at least anyone that is capable of plugging the adapter into an outlet.


  • Great design
  • Power efficient
  • Easy to use


  • Only using 100 Mbps ports

“The Netis PL7500 Kit would be great for web surfing or streaming from locations where your usual network won’t reach.”

Netis PL7500 Kit AV500 Powerline Adapter Kit Review

Thanks to Netis for providing us with this sample.