Netis PL7500 Kit AV500 Powerline Adapter Kit Review

Test Method & Utilities

Test system:

We would like to thank be quiet!, Supermicro, Intel, Corsair, Kingston, Sapphire and Lian Li for supplying us with our test system components

Receiving system:

  • ASRock FM2A88X Extreme6+
  • AMD A10-7850K
  • EVGA GeForce GTX980 SC
  • Corsair XMS3 8GB 1600MHz
  • OCZ ARC100 240GB

Software used:

  • PCMark PerforamanceTest 8.0

There only is one factor that is important when testing a device like this, and that is throughput. To test this, I’m using PCMark PerformanceTest that allows me to set both static and variable package sizes and test both the UDP and TCP protocol at the same time.

To further add a variation to the data set, I’ve tested the adaptors at a varying range throughout my apartment where medium range is an estimated 20m cable distance and long range is an estimated 60m cable distance; the furthest I can go in my apartment.

Usually, I would compare it to a direct Gigabit Ethernet connection, but as these adapters only feature a 100Mbit plug, there isn’t really any point. It would only screw with the charts by creating a comparable way too high value.