Need for Speed to Receive Balanced Opponents and Other Additions This Month

Need for Speed recently came out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, and even though it received rather mixed reviews, I think that it’s still a pretty good game that’s only going to get better if its developers pay attention to its issues and work hard to fix them. Fortunately, Ghost Games has just announced that it is working on a few gameplay and visual improvements for Need for Speed, particularly when it comes to the game’s AI-controlled opponents. One of the main issues with the game right now is related to its “rubberband” AI, which makes sure that opponents are always on the player’s tail no matter how much of a lead he’s acquired. The new changes will balance the game’s opponents somewhat, and they will also add more pre-made vinyl sets, functional mirrors, neon lighting kits and an improved color picking system.

New achievements will also be added while the level cap will be raised. It looks like Ghost is taking the game seriously, as it has pledged that it will release many more updates in the future. At the time of writing, there are no plans to release any paid add-ons, but this could definitely change at a moment’s notice. Need for Speed is scheduled to arrive on the PC as well in Spring 2016.