NASA Plays with Water and Effervescent in Latest 4K Space Video

NASA recently upgraded their equipment with an amazing 4K camera that is able to capture higher resolution and higher frame rates than prior, allowing the astronauts to record their experiments in a whole new way. But work doesn’t always have to be so series and who doesn’t enjoy playing with water.

The latest 4K video coming from NASA and presented on YouTube shows them playing with a weightless water bubble and then adding an effervescent tablet. The higher resolution images and higher frame rate videos can reveal more information when used on science investigations, giving researchers a valuable new tool aboard the space station. This footage is one of the first of its kind. The cameras are being evaluated for capturing science data and vehicle operations by engineers at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Even such a simple and kind of playful video shows clearly how this technology can help the astronauts and cosmonauts do their job. You can easily see even small particles that bounce out of the water ball due to the reaction happening.

First they showed us their food, now they’re playing with water. It looks like they’re having a lot of fun up there on the International Space Station, it isn’t just work.