MyDigitalSSD BP5e Bullet Proof 5 Eco 240GB SSD Review

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Final Thoughts


MyDigitalSSD’s Bullet Proof 5 Eco Slim 7 SSD is only available in limited quantities so far, but that is bound to change very soon. At the time of writing, I could only find it on the Amazon for an impressive $64.99. More availability is expected in early January. The larger 480GB can be had or $124.99 and the 960GB for $239.99.



MyDigitalSSD is not the most known brand, but they do know a thing or two about SSDs as their company name suggests. They showed us their know-how with the new Bullet Proof 5 Eco, or BP5e for short, that is an excellent TLC-based drive. The BP5e was in the top end of almost all charts and it is far better at keeping everything going once everything is pushing a bit harder. Where other TLC-based SSDs that I’ve tested so far will drop the speeds all the way down to 35-45MB/s during long periodic write tests, the BP5e stayed above 80MB/s at all times. These write speeds aren’t the best, but you won’t notice them unless you copy more than 6GB-8GB at once. Until then you have a drive that performs as the synthetic benchmarks shows.

The design is a very basic one with a black two-piece enclosure and a simple sticker on the top. There isn’t much to say to that. Inside it has Toshiba’s TLC Toggle 2.0 NAND that has been paired with Phison’s newest S10 controller (PS3110-S10) that also comes with the latest firmware for optimal performance. The drive also covers all the basic SATA features such as power management, NCQ command set, TRIM, RAID setups, and SMART.


  • Best TLC drive tested so far
  • Cheap price
  • Good feature set
  • Available up to 960GB


  • Only two years warranty
  • Availability


  • TLC NAND has lower endurance than MLC but brings more capacity per real estate.

“MyDigitalSSD managed to squeeze the most out of their BP5e TLC-based SSD which easily is the best TLC-based drive to date.”


MyDigitalSSD BP5e Bullet Proof 5 Eco 240GB SSD Review

Thank you MyDigitalSSD for providing us with this sample.

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