MSI GT80 GTX 980M 8GB SLI Titan Laptop Review

A Closer Look

The backpack is large (large enough to carry an 18+ inch laptop) and is very well made. It feels very solid and gives you the peace of mind that your gaming investment is thoroughly protected when inside. The attention to details on the backpack is impressive in itself. The MSI shield sits proudly embedded into the front, with an almost carbon-fibre feeling fabric being used throughout as the main material.   All of the zips feel strong and robust, and the MSI zip handles add an extended touch of quality. The central compartments of the backpack are split into 3 sections.

The front section has several small slip pockets and zip pockets, for things such as stationary, accessories and peripherals.

The middle section has a reinforced holder for sliding the laptop into, with another zip lined pocket.

The final section can either be used again for the laptop itself or can be used for paperwork or further accessories.

The back of the laptop has “MSI Dragon Army” embedded into the back, and the straps and padding are as high quality as the rest.

Side on, you can see it has quite a bit of depth to it. You can also see that the right side has a zip pocket.

The left side has a net pocket for convenience.

The bag badge close up.

Upon opening the letter we found when we lifted the box lid, you realise it contains a rather nice MSI Dragon mouse mat!

On opening the cardboard section, you are greeted by one of the biggest laptop power bricks ever made!

A close up of the power brick.

Close up of the power connector, it feels very solid both in general and when connected.

A run down of the goodies (clockwise from top left) we have a set of gold coloured solid metal WASD keycaps, the warranty / manual and driver disks, an MSI Dragon gaming mouse, wrist rest, and an MSI Dragon keyring.

MSI have provided the user with some optional keyboard bling; replacement WASD keys and an MSI Dragon shield key to replace the ESC key.

A close up of the ESC key; these are solid metal and very weighty.

The gaming mouse provided is a decent size, features a selection of customisable macro buttons and is backlit by 4 red LEDs.

From the side.

The back view, it is a shame the logo isn’t backlit too, it would have completed the look in my opinion.

From the front, you can see the macro button placement has been designed for right-handed users.