MSI GE62 6QD Apache Pro Gaming Laptop Review

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Acoustic, Power, Battery & Thermal Performance

Acoustic Performance

The GE62 6QD is whisper quiet under idle conditions and didn’t exhibit any noticeable RPM increases which makes for a pleasant desktop experience. Additionally, the load output of 48.5 decibels is astonishing given the enclosed cooling solution and thin form-factor. When compared to other portable systems, the GE62 6QD is phenomenal.

ge62 noise

Power Consumption

As you might expect, the mobile Skylake CPU and Maxwell-based GTX 960M combine in an extremely efficient manner and reports low-wattage demands during load and idle workloads. Interestingly, the power draw was higher compared to the more powerful GTX 970M and last-generation Intel processor. Although, the results are within a margin of error.

ge62 tdp

Battery Life

The system’s battery life is fairly mediocre but provides enough longevity to complete rudimentary tasks. It’s certainly passable given the laptop’s size and within my initial expectations.

ge62 batt

Thermal Performance

MSI’s comprehensive cooling system allows for superb CPU and GPU temperatures under the most strenuous of situations. Subsequently, the laptop remains cool enough to use for extended periods without feeling uncomfortable. Also, the load results signifies it’s possible to attain an effective balance between low temperatures and quiet operation.

ge62 temps

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