MSI are the First to be Windows 10 Certified

With the upcoming release of Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 10; it’s going to be a busy time for hardware manufacturers to get their products certified to ensure 100% compatibility with the new operating system. Every manufacturer will be flooding the Microsoft mail department with samples to get the sign off and MSI were the first to receive the certification.

The board in question is the MSI H81M-P33, so this isn’t the most expensive or newest motherboard to be released, nor does it have bundles of features; just goes to show that manufacturers care for all potential audiences, not just the high end. If you want to build a computer that will work with Windows 10 with absolutely no issues, then this is the choice for you; well until the next motherboard is granted certification.So what does this mean for us peasants with non-Windows 10 certified hardware? Fear not, as with the transition from Windows 7 to 8/ 8.1; most motherboards will work just fine with the new OS, some might just need a simple BIOS update to get working.

Will you be making the jump to Windows 10 when it gets officially released? Do you already have a system, or are you planning on a new build ready? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you to TechPowerUp for providing us with this information.