MSI Booth at Insomnia i52

The MSI booth has been really busy this weekend, so we stopped by to check out what all fuss was about. The first thing you’ll see is this massive MSI box Jenga, pretty self explanatory and certainly a lot of fun to play around with.

There are loads of awesome gaming PCs on display for you to try out and play some great games.

There are a load of prizes to be won, bargains to be found both in and around the booth.


A pair of high end gaming rigs setup, the one on the left is the MSI Nightblade, the rig on the right is a custom build courtesy of Tom Logan (TTL).

Anyone is free to take a turn on these rigs, play a few laps and set the fastest time they can, with prizes being given to those who come out on top.

Another one of the many custom Parvum rigs at this weekends show, this one comes with dual stacked front rads and is of course fitted with MSI components.

:eague of Legends tournament, drop by, play a few rounds, perhaps win some awesome MSI branded SteelSeries headsets.

Their flagship GT72 gaming laptop, this is a brand new system from them and it is an absolute beast!


There is still a lot more coverage from this weekends show to come, so stay tuned for even more!