MPAA Settlement Figures Are Nothing but Hot Air

The Sony hack has provided us with a lot of insight in what is going on behind the lines and at places the public usually doesn’t even know about. The amount of leaked data was huge and there are still people going through it to discover all the hidden secrets.

The next revelation coming from here is that the lawsuit settlement figures the MPAA likes to brag about, are nothing but hot air and direct and deliberate lies. This isn’t really a revelation as such, we all pretty much assumed so already. But now it’s also been confirmed.

It shows from a leaked email between the MPAA and Sony, that the actual settlement between the filehoster Hotfile and the MPAA was just 4 million and not 80 million like the MPAA announced. That public figure was agreed upon as part of the settlement. Hotfile shut down its servers shortly after the settlement, but we now know that this also was a part of the settlement and agreed upon in advance.

“The studios and Hotfile have reached agreement on settlement, a week before trial was to start. Hotfile has agreed to pay us $4 million, and has entered into a stipulation to have an $80 million judgment entered and the website shut down,” the email from Sony’s SVP Legal reads.

It’s always been hard to believe anything that comes from the MPAA or media lobby in general, and this sure isn’t making it any easier. Just as the $110 million settlements with IsoHunt or TorrentSpy never did happen, at least not in that size.

Thanks to TorrentFreak for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of TorrentFreak