More Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots Revealed

Rockstar Games have just unveiled a tonne of fresh new screenshots for GTA V to celebrate the launch of a brand new website. The website explores Los Santos and Surrounding Blaine County and gives gamers a chance to experience what the game will be about before the play it.

GTA V is set in the fictional city of Los Santos and surrounded by the Blaine County region designed to hold as many unique landscapes as possible. It features the usual wide array of transport methods we’ve come to see in GTA over the years as well as a wide range of missions and activities from Bank Heists to Car Chases.

The launch to GTA V is really stepping up now and we can Expect videos of GTA V’s multiplayer to arrive soon according to Rockstar Games. In the meantime you can enjoy all the new screenshots below. Click on them to see the larger versions.

Images courtesy of Rockstar Games