More Games Added to Steam This Year That In The Whole Of 2013

I remember sitting with my friends many years ago and discussing the future of Steam. We mocked Valve and their stupid idea of digital downloads, “not being able to keep a disc! are they mad!” and this way when having a big stack of PC games, especially the cooler older ones that came in those larger cardboard boxes, was a pretty common thing. I love my stack of old games, alas I don’t own any hard copies of games from the last few years, I was right though, Valve was mad, but their game has paid off.

2014 is proving to be the biggest year in Steam history, there are now more games released on Steam for 2014 that there were in the whole of 2013! With many months still to go this year, that number is sure to increase by a significant number. A lot of this can likely be attributed to services such as Greenlight and Early Access, as well as the rise in popularity for Indie titles, many of which have seen great success on Steams digital distribution platform.

With SteamOS, SteamBox and who knows what else cooking at Valve’s headquarters, 2014 really is the year that Steam pushes to incredible new highs. Digital downloads are a proven success, but I must admit I still do miss seeing a stack of cool game boxes next to me desk.

Thank you TweakTown for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of TweakTown.