Mojang Releases Beta For Scrolls Game

If you’re a fan of Minecraft then you are likely familiar with Mojang. Mojang has released a beta copy of their newest game Scrolls. Though I haven’t had a chance to check out the beta yet, you are able to buy into the beta, depending on your region, it will be priced differently because of currency conversions, £12.95/€14.95/$20.95. The price for the beta is a reduced price, as it was with their game Minecraft which went up slightly when it was released as a complete game. All updates will be free to beta users.


If you are curious as to what you will receive from buying your way into the beta,

  • Access to the Store: which will allow you to use gold or shards the real-money currency to purchase extra scrolls, giving you a competitive edge.
  • The Deck Builder: Decks must contain at least 50 scrolls, with no more than three of the same type. Giving you the ability to mix factions how you wish.
  • Trading: You are able to play with and meet fellow players or “Scrolldiers” to get your hands with the trading function, giving you the chance to trade for some of the rarest scrolls quickly! The Trading area will be a room specially designed for players to chat and trade scrolls.
  • Trials: With 25 different trials in the game, allowing players to learn about different strategies, completing each one will be a challenge and not all players will be able to easily accomplish the trials. Each trial will give you gold which you are able to spend in the store, up to 9,400 gold is up for grabs.
  • Quick Matches: Giving you the option to play single player or multiplayer, also you can play against the A.I. which would allow you to meticulously plot each move as the A.I. does not give you a time limit to move. Each match will reward you with gold.
  • Challenge Matches: Each day you are able to challenge five players logged into scrolls to gain gold.
  • Ranked Matches: Each match you play will calculate the different scrolldiers that you will play against, as you get better you will gain great amounts of gold, for the elite competitive players.
  • Profile: You will get a customizable profile where you’re able to customize your avatar, and view your statistics and others by visiting their profiles.

There are few Digital Trading Card Games. Will they have much competition in the gaming market when Blizzard releases their DTCG, Hearthstone later this year?

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