Modded 3DS is a PC Remote Desktop

Nintendo 3DS modders are building a homebrew app to turn the handheld gaming console into a PC desktop remote controller. The first preview version shows gameplay footage of Blizzard’s MMORPG, World of Warcraft.

The early build is still far from stable and suffers from stuttering frame rates, but it is still an achievement in itself considering how difficult Nintendo has made it, with tightened security measures and the threat of bricking from firmware updates, to develop homebrew mods for its current-gen hardware.

The first run of Nintendo DS models were a modder’s dream, with keen home programmers creating their own add-on hardware that fit into Game Boy Advance cartridge slot, an option since absent from later DS, 3DS, and 2DS models. Similar innovations in software brought the Homebrew Channel application loader to the Nintendo Wii console, giving the console video playback capabilities, as well as opening the system up to emulators and backwards compatibility with previous Nintendo game ROMs through the wonderful open source Nintendo software, allowing Wii and Wii U owners to play Gamecube games.

The 3DS PC remote desktop app is being developed by GBATemp forum user retrozelda, who has also made the early build available for download.

Thank you Eurogamer sitename for providing us with this information.