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The MMO7 is one of the most extreme looking gaming mice on the market, it’s lavished with customisable panels, controls, buttons and dials in places you wouldn’t normally think of. You have 6 buttons on the top, while the left had three buttons, two toggles thumbster button and a horizontal scroll wheel!


There is even another button tucked away on the right for those that needed even more control. Yet for all its crazy button configuration’s it also has some incredible ergonomics, which are adjustable thanks to some clever fittings and mounts.


Construction is of an extremely high quality too, with a full metal chassis that features a 6400DPI laser sensor.


Add to that some not so subtle, but fairly unique LED lighting and I have to admit that this crazy mouse actually looks rather cool.


The software for the MadCatz range is some of the best out there too, it’s easy to understand, quick to customise and gives you access to all the popular settings along side some easily switched profiles.



After running some tests I found that the MMO7 has practically zero liftoff, the mouse is already on relatively tall Teflon surfaces and the sensor is configured to give 1mm or less liftoff and those who like to use lift-off techniques in their play style will love this. However the mouse is pretty heavy and its overall ergonomics can make it difficult to lift the mouse.

The included software is brilliant in terms of customization, it’s very user-friendly and very quick to set up and this means you can spend more time worrying about your gaming performance than you can worrying how on earth you configure the multitude of control options that the MMO7 offers.

The buttons do have a strange layout on this mouse though and I must admit I’ve made a few wrong clicks with my first couple of days gaming on it. There are effectively four main mouse buttons on the top of the mouse and dependant on your currently play style it can take a bit of getting used to. It does have some advantages of course as it makes these buttons as quick to trigger and a normal mouse button, effectively giving you more control right at your finger tips and in a fast paced MMO when you really need that extra spell within easy reach, you have it.

Ergonomics on this mouse are great, if a little strange. The mouse is a lot lower and wider than a lot of gaming mice and for me personally this offers a lot of comfort as I have fairly large hands. The mouse is also heavy and while I thought this would cause control issues the opposite is true, it glides likes a figure skater despite the fact that it is fitted with small slip mats and this is likely due to the smooth metal chassis on the underside of the mouse.

The sensor offers a lot of precision, with zero prediction, zero angle snapping and no acceleration present what so ever, meaning this mouse will give you an accurate read out and only miss the target when YOU miss the target.


  • Lots of buttons
  • Unique design
  • Great build quality
  • Glides well on all surfaces
  • Low lift-off
  • Easy to use software


  • May be a little extreme for some users
  • It takes a good bit of practice to “learn” the buttons

eTeknix says: “I think putting the MMO brand on this mouse is selling it’s self short, this is an incredible gaming mouse full stop. It does offer some great macro features and some versatile if somewhat unique controls that can improve your game, but it works just as well when all you want to do is read your email and check Facebook. If you like the design of it, this is easily one of the best gaming mice on the market today.”

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2 Comments on MMO Gaming Mouse Roundup

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    I’ve had most of these pass my across desk for testing. Although I rated them pretty highly (apart from the Naga’s which were average at best) simply because they mostly do what they’re supposed to but not one of them is for me personally, if I had to choose one, it would probably be the Mad Catz offering.

  • Avatar St33l says:

    Can’t have a roundup without the Logitech G600… it beats them all. Seriously, that ring finger button sums it up. Tilt wheel too… and it just melts in your hand.

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