Mionix Display Inpressive New Peripherals and Technologies @ CES 2015

Mionix are easily one of my all time favourite peripheral manufacturers and their latest gaming mouse is a great example of why. It incorporates a series of sensors to monitor your heart rate and galvanic skin response. These statistics allow the mouse to monitor how stressed you are while gaming. Not only is this great for pro gamers, as they can track their performance, but it could also add an interesting perspective on eSports, giving viewers a deeper insight into what is going on in the competitors minds.

One thing I really love about Mionix is their attention to detail. Their mice are full of little features the end user man not even notice, such as the use of different switch types on the top and side buttons. Mionix change the plastic mould of the buttons to allow them to feel the same as each other, while offering improved response time and durability.

The sensors on their new mouse also come equipped with an open API, which can be used to display the statistics as an overlay. We’ve already heard of one developer using the sensors for a horror game, where the game gets harder as you get more scared, awesome!