Mionix Castor Optical Gaming Mouse Review

Final Thoughts


The Mionix Castor is available from most retailers for about £55, which is fairly good value for money, given the overall build quality, design and features. However, it does put the Castor against some very fierce competition in this price range.


I really like this mouse, it’s another great example of the premium design and build quality that we’ve come to know and love about Mionix. One of the first things that really stands out for us is how comfortable the Castor feels to hold. There are a good few mice on the market that work well with multiple grip types, but rarely feel comfortable in each. The Castor feels like a perfect fit in palm rest, fingertip, and claw grip, and while that can be subjective, it’s nice to have a versatile grip and the mouse still feel balanced and nimble in each.

The hard-wearing rubber finish is nice too, not only does it look great with its stealthy matte finish, but it’s resistant to scratches, cleans easily and keeps the mouse firmly in place at your fingertips. This is enhanced even further by the ergonomic shape, as well as the hard-wearing grip texture on the left side. The addition of a soft-rubber grip on the scroll wheel adds extra control too and makes it easier to make quick adjustments while working and gaming.

The sensor performance is really good, and while we did see a tiny bit of jitter at higher DPI settings, that’s not uncommon and the mouse did a great job of keeping things tracking straight. When it comes to competitive gaming, you’ll be grateful that you can tweak the DPI as low as 50 and right up to 10,000 on both the X and Y axis, and this range also brings big advantages to those who like to use larger gaming surfaces, high-resolution displays and more.

The price is a little higher than I would have expected, making it a little tricky for the Castor to compete with the likes of SteelSeries, Logitech and Corsair, to name but a few, but if you shop around you can pick one up for under £50, and I think that if you can get one closer to £40-45, you’ll be onto a solid deal with the Castor.


  • Rock solid build quality
  • Soft-touch grip coating
  • RGB lighting
  • Easy to use software
  • Good sensor performance
  • Fully programmable
  • Braided cable


  • Scroll wheel click feels a little muddy
  • Price needs to come down just a tiny bit to stay competitive
  • Small amount of jitter at extreme DPI settings

“Great build quality, competitive performance and flawless ergonomics make the Castor a very versatile gaming mouse. If you play a wide range of game types and need a mouse that can keep up with your changing habits, the Castor certainly fits the bill.”

Mionix Castor Optical Gaming Mouse Review

Thank you Mionix for providing us with this sample.