Microtransactions Dramatically Alter Payday 2 User Reviews

Payday 2 is a fantastic co-op shooter involving intense heists which has attracted a rather large and passionate community. Despite these excellent foundations, there were some concerns about the multiplayer shooter integrating microtransactions. Back in 2013, the producer Almir Listo proclaimed:

“The Steam page for Payday 2 has been updated based on your feedback,” 

“We’ve made it clear that Payday 2 will have no microtransactions whatsoever (shame on you if you thought otherwise!)”

Despite these reassurances, microtransactions have been implemented into game’s Black Market Update. Now, players can open safes which contain a wide array of items. However, to open each safe, you need to purchase a drill amounting to £1.60. Many of the locked items can alter the core gameplay in an unfair manner.

Prior to this update, the user reviews on Steam were overwhelmingly positive and encouraged new players to purchase the game. However, data provided by SteamSpy illustrates the unbelievable change in user opinions after the introduction of microtransactions. This is possibly the first clear-cut example we’ve seen of how disgusted people are by microtransactions in traditional, full-price games.

This should be a message to the entire gaming industry that their behavior is not acceptable. Publishers have to stop with this nonsense and see how damaging it is in the long-term. In Payday 2, the microtransactions completely ruins the game’s balance and discourages you from playing. Microtransactions have for some bizarre reason become acceptable in recent years providing they are cosmetic. In my opinion, they should only be integrated into free-to-play games.