Microsoft’s Xbox Chief predicts collection of data 10 wearable sensors on our body

Microsoft hasn’t released or officially revealed any of their wearable devices as of now, but they have done so with sensor technology with their Kinect.  Since Google glass is all set to make a debut this year and a few other wearable device have been around for a while such as Nike’s FuelBand and Jawbone, one could see a shift towards wearable computing devices. According to the report, the chief of Microsoft’s Xbox division Don Mattrick spoke during Microsoft’s TechForum event and predicted about a possible expansion of wearable computing device.

He said,”My personal belief, 10 years from now, we’ll be wearing 10 sensors on our body collecting data and applying that data to things that are valuable to us as users.” The President of Microsoft’s online services division Qi Lu made a presentation on his vision of Bing which showed that Bing would be used to process information from sensors and other sources. While both of them were being very vague about Microsoft’s future plans, one could speculate that Microsoft is planning on a wearable devices different to Google glasses concept.

Mattrick continued that he’s excited about sensors, multiple screen setups, intelligence, about Qi’s presentation about sensors used in Bing platform.

According to The Verge, Microsoft is testing wearable heart rate monitor, a fitness accessory for Xbox and Windows. Its a flat screen accessory on an inch wide nylon arm band with Bluetooth and GPS functionality for Microsoft’s Kinect PlayFit system. Previously there was also information that Microsoft was working on Kinect glasses also termed as “Project Fortaleza” which would enable augmented reality using the next gen Xbox console. It shows that Microsoft has been working on having multiple uses and projects using wearable sensor technology.

All that remains now is the release of the next gen Xbox to see if we’ll see wearable devices and accessories in the near future.