Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 Comes with a Very Impressive Display

Advertised as a product that can incorporate the functions of a tablet and a laptop at the same time, the Surface Pro 4 by Microsoft is shaping up to be a very impressive product, and I’m not talking only about its performance. Lighter and thinner when compared to its predecessor, the Surface Pro 4 also features one of the best tablet displays available right now, which measures 12.3 inches and boasts a resolution of 2736 x 1824 pixels. According to recent reports, this display offers outstanding on-screen color accuracy, which means that the tablet should become quite popular with graphics professionals who need something reliable to work on while on the road.

Moreover, the screen uses just 4.8 watts of power in order to drive 267 pixels per inch on a screen area of 69.8 square inches, which is definitely impressive as other tablets such as the iPad Air 2 require 8.3 watts for smaller, lower resolution screens. When compared to the screen installed on the Surface Pro 3, this one offers better color accuracy, a higher contrast ratio, better viewing angles, higher maximum brightness and a lower screen reflectance. Microsoft’s team has been hard at work making sure that the Surface Pro 4 would represent a step forward in every single way, and from what I’ve seen so far, it looks like its efforts have paid off.