Microsoft’s Privacy Website Hacked

Digital privacy is a topic of hot debate at the moment. Covering topics from terrorism to hacking, people are more aware of what’s happening and who’s reading their messages in greater detail. Digital Constitution is Microsoft’s website dedicated to enforcing the concept of digital privacy. It would seem that security was not a topic priority with the website though.

First discovered on the 18th June, the site is seen (as above) with a list of keywords focusing on gambling that hyperlinked to several online casino websites. Even several hours after the initial hack was reported several pages within still linked to gambling related sites.

At the time of the breach being discovered the site was using an outdated version of WordPress, running at 4.0.5 (the current being 4.2.2).

The sites initial purpose was in response to the Edward Snowden revelations regarding the extent of observations being conducted by governments. Containing information about digital privacy cases, legal actions taken around privacy and Microsoft’s stance on people’s right to digital privacy.

From the style, execution and content the hack appears to have been done by somebody rather than done by an organisation for a specific reason. Hopefully, this reminds Microsoft to keep all of their websites up to date, as we all should with all our software.

Thank you ZDNet for the information and image.