Bing Can Now Tell The Age and Gender of A Person

Microsoft’s Bing can now tell the age of the person by processing the image. It recognizes the face and analyzes them to determine their age. It was initially revealed last month at Microsoft’s BUILD 2015 where they showed off one of their Azure APIs by hosting a website that does exactly what it is supposed to. Microsoft has finally implemented their face-recognition technology in its Bing search engine. It enables the end user to see the gender and age of the person predicted by the search engine.

To get it working for you, just open up Bing and click the “images” tab on the top and search someone. Click on one of the images and then hit the little gray button floating on the right and middle of the picture which says, “#HowOldRobot.” On clicking the button, it will undergo an animation and will finally show the gender and age estimation with a short note which says “Sorry if we didn’t get it quite right, we’re still improving this feature,” which is linked to one of Microsoft’s “Machine Learning FACE APIs” which has parts varying from Verification, Grouping and Identification. This development has been rolled out worldwide.

Thank you Venture Beat for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Blacklemag.