Microsoft Will Start Releasing Windows 10 Update Notes

While there are undoubtedly many issues and concerns users have with Windows 10, one of them is finally being addressed. After announcing last year that there will be improved documentation for Windows 10 Updates, Microsoft has started releasing Update release notes for the latest updates. Each new update patch will now come with a summary of major fixes along with notes about function and security changes. For now, only security fixes come in more detail while other changes are still only vaguely documented.

Before this release, Windows 10 updates did not come with any release notes, meaning system administrators had no idea what the update was changing, making the patch a crapshoot if compatibility issues arose. The only notes about releases came from the preview beta or Windows Insider branch of the OS where some notes were released. The move to strip away release notes were largely seen as a cost saving measure and due to the move to Windows as a service.

It seems like in this case user and enterprise pushback was enough to force some changes from Microsoft. It didn’t even take up that many resources to create as Microsoft was already creating release notes for internal OEM partner use. Simply releasing these to consumers as well isn’t that much more work. Hopefully, we may yet see Microsoft act on other concerns that users have about Windows 10, like forced automatic updates and various privacy concerns.