Microsoft Will Let Windows 7 Die Quicker Than XP

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WindowsITPro report that Microsoft is planning to avoid the same “problems” encountered with Windows XP with Windows 7. Those problems are essentially that Microsoft failed to get its Windows XP user-base to upgrade to a newer OS. Windows XP had been Microsoft’s longest supported OS after Microsoft continually extended the OS support life and retirement date. This meant that Windows XP ended up out-lasting its successor Windows Vista. Windows 7 on the other hand will not get extended support or an extended retirement date according to this new report. The reason is clear – Microsoft wants to push people towards Windows 8 and 8.1

Of course the interesting thing is that a lot of users upgrading from Windows XP have opted for Windows 7 instead of Windows 8. While this seems like a sensible solution to many the fact of the matter is mainstream support for Windows 7 ends January 13th 2015 and Microsoft has no intention of extending this deadline for consumers, while extended support for business users ends on January 14th 2020. So the message is clear, if you’re thinking about investing in Windows then you might want to think again with Windows 7 because even if you believe it is better than Windows 8 – it won’t be supported for very long.

“While many of us believe that Windows 7 will neatly slip into XP’s role and become the next XP—partially because so few businesses are interested in Windows 8.x—Microsoft will instead push its newer OSs and let Windows 7 die a quicker death. It believes that by “listening” to customers with Windows 8.1, it can make this happen.”

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30 Comments on Microsoft Will Let Windows 7 Die Quicker Than XP

  • Avatar Stevanus Liem Rendy says:

    come on Microsoft,,
    we still love Win. 7

  • Avatar Ahmed Andhiri says:

    Windows 7 is still better than windows8. I guess windows8 is made for tablet pc(s) not for desktops

  • Avatar Andy Auditore says:

    I’ll upgrade to Windows 8 when the new Start Menu with applications will be replaced with the old one. Windows has always been for Desktops, not for Smartphones and Tablets.

  • Avatar Tyree J Simmons says:

    I will not buy windows 8 even if 7 lose support until a better OS comes out unless you stop activation’s of all win 7 OS after jan 13 2015

  • Avatar Gerry Mann says:

    It’s not windows 7 that will die quicker, it’s Microsoft itself that will die quicker, they say they’re listening to customers but really all they’re doing is sitting on their asses all day making all the wrong choices for all the wrong reasons. I really don’t get why won’t they just evolve the OS into something better like they did with Win XP and Win 7 instead of shitting something of the sky like Win 8.

  • Avatar Djdat says:

    I’ll stick to win 7. If support drops I just won’t use it for online purposes, There are alternatives for that. You ain’t gonna force me to install an inferior OS (win 8) that has blatant backdoors, So forget it.

  • Avatar commiczar says:


  • Avatar Keade says:

    If Steam OS gets mainstream gaming support on linux going, then Windows 7 will be the last Microsoft OS I use on my PC. In the worst situation, after January 2015, Windows 7 will be for games only. I’m already moving towards this, but not quite there yet.

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate though, not sure if this would qualify for the extended support.

  • Avatar Byron Jonathan Tantony says:

    Im gonna wait for windows 9 😀 microsoft get ur head out of ur ass already

  • Avatar Josh bedo says:

    I think I would still rather have Windows 7 with no support in 2015 compared to Windows 8 with updates

  • Avatar ImUrAssassin says:

    I like my Windows 7. I don’t care if it’s dead or not. I’m not upgrading unless it’s actually worth it.

  • Avatar Mark Smith says:

    Honestly, I can’t wait to build my computer because I’ll be running W8 on it. As a gamer I prefer to have the latest DirectX updates and if that means using W8 then fine by me, with W8.1 they are re-introducing the start button to the desktop mode therefore allowing me to use my computer like I would of done with W7 and to be frank, I’ll be playing games 90% of the time so I won’t be seeing the desktop anyway and that’s another reason why I’m going with W8.

    All you W8 haters, please stay away. I’m entitled to my opinion like everyone else is and I respect peoples opinions even if they aren’t on the same lines as me, we’re all human beings and we shouldn’t fight over something trivial. I like W8, you don’t, end of.

    • Avatar Peter says:

      Mark, I played around with Windows 8.1, and the start button is not like in Windows 7. It’s very limited in functionality, and Microsoft still refers you back to the Metro UI when you want to start an Application. I’m not a Windows 8 hater. Actually I’ve been using it since last year September, and I’m quite fond of it, but just letting you know that I rolled back to Windows 8, from Windows 8.1 because it was not worth the trouble. You still need Start8 or Classic Shell to get the job done.

      • Avatar Ricardo Gomes says:

        why you even need the fukin menu, i just used it for turning off the computer, and go to control panel, and run processes, and i can still do that, and way more quicly in w8/w8.1(im on 8.1 now), i dont get youre addiction to the start button, i use a computer since windows xp. and i really dont miss it at all, in fact im glad they got rid of it.

        • Avatar Mark Smith says:

          If you’re going to have a go at me for being “addicted” to the start button then at least take a few English lessons, I’m having a very hard time understanding what you wrote. I’d personally advise learning about sentence structure, grammar and how to spell words.

      • Avatar Mark Smith says:

        I do plan on buying Start8 along with a few other bits of software from Stardock

  • Avatar Douglas Schwartz says:

    Forcing consumers to upgrade to an OS designed mainly for touch screens and tablets is ridiculous. There needs to be choices. This is nothing more than milking the public out of billions of dollars.

  • Avatar John Peterson says:

    I used to have windows Xp then went to 7 , Now I have 8 and i’m happy with 8 , yes it takes getting used to but everything I do runs better … and faster …

  • Avatar Simca says:

    Mainstream support’s end is irrelevant. Security updates are lasting until 2020 as you’ve stated. If 7 years more support is too little for you, then what the heck is wrong with you? Plus,

    “Extended support—Microsoft will offer extended support for either a minimum of 5 years from the date of a product’s general availability, or for 2 years after the second successor product (two versions later) is released, whichever is longer.”

    This is just a way to rile up some page views and article comments from people who hate Win8 and don’t know Microsoft’s product lifecycle support system.

    • Avatar Ryan Martin says:

      Well extended support is only security updates (see below details). And well it worked, you came and commented 😛

      “But in 2015, Windows 7 will go onto extended support, which just covers the basics. You’ll still receive free security updates, but non-security-related hotfixes will only be available on a paid subscription–and you’ll have to start the subscription before April 15, 2015 (if you live in the USA, that’s a date with unpleasant associations in any year). There will be no free support, Microsoft won’t honor warranty claims, and the company will not add new features.”

  • Avatar Kevin Barker says:

    i was using xp for years only because i had no problems with programmes. then i went to windows 7 and had a lot of trouble running my programmes in 64 bit so went to 32 bit and seemed to fix most problems and now windows 8 comes out and another couple of hundred dollers later i still get problems with running programmes . have just spent another $1000 upgrading my pc so i can get things to work on it better . its getting worse its just another money making scheme for microsoft and will never stop computers are bottomless pits and if you stop all upgrades then you may as well go back to commadore 64 lol and they are always in competittion with xbox and ps4 .cosidering people cant affort to get the newer version of windows means they will be stuck in the dark ages which is a bit unfare as people are not made of money the there is the problem with all the anti virus programes out there all saying they are the best ones to use and like windows you never know which one is better. thats when you get the microsoft tellemarketers ring you and tell you theat you have malisious software on your pc that your antivirus will not remove love it lol have a great day

    • Avatar Johnathon Buchannan says:

      Windows 7 64bit has matured and the major bugs have been fixed many times over within the OS and has not trouble running 32bit programs these days, When New Os’s come out there are always toothing problems thus one would usually wait about 6 months to a year to upgrade. You should not judge an OS by its first release because it always gets improved with patching plus Windows XP was Baaaaaad when it was also first released :P.

  • Avatar Andy says:

    I believe that people that hate on W8 have not tried it for themselves as a primary OS and have only run it in a VM or just tried it in store for fun. It is much different when you run it as your core OS. Initially I was very skeptical about upgrading from W7 to W8 because of the lack of the start menu and I would go around saying that this OS sucked cause it was meant for tablet not desktops. But later I switched to W8 and although it took some getting used to, I figured out how to do everything within a week. And in W8.1 they fixed many quirks that I did not like. Such as being able to boot directly into my desktop rather than the metro screen. The start button was a great addition because it made clicking on the lower left corner much easier. The added shutdown/logout options added by right clicking on the start button. Which was the only issues I had with the OS.

    Honestly, I much prefer the metro screen as a start menu because I can customize it to have my more used apps pinned to the front rather than having to add icons to my desktop and I don’t have to spend time typing out the name of the app. I only have to type the name of the app that I don’t use on a regular basis. And if you miss seeing the “My computer, control panel” etc from the old start menu. Right click on the win 8 start button and everything you need is conveniently place there for quick access. Not to mention the performance improvements on W8 over W7. In W8 you can even explore .ISO files without having to download tools such as Daemon tools. You can also see the queue of file transfers being done and you can cancel or pause them.

    So to wrap up. Do not hate on something that you have not experienced for yourself. I understand there may be software issues between W7 and W8 which are completely acceptable. But for those that simply do not like the UI, try using it for a few weeks and getting used to it. You probably will be happy you switched.

    • Avatar Joe Wingett says:

      How much are they paying you to say that?

    • Avatar John Stone says:

      I can tell you from personal PRIMARY OS use of windows 8, it is FAR from how good windows7 has become. Win8 is designed for TABLETS and as TABLET OS’s go its good, for every day run of the mill users it is a challenge to adapt to, and for power users not as versatile or flexible as previous incarnations of windows. As a gamer and power user the current state of windows 8 makes it pointless, it does not fully support many of the gaming essentials programs, it does not work well with various games, and programs that gamers use to make YouTube videos.

      8.1 is an improvement over 8.0 but it stil lacks the feel for productivity, the start screen feels invasive and cumbersome considering the fact that it is not needed for most tasks, and when the whole OS is orientated around the said start screen you always seem to be back on it every time you want to do something. Microsoft could learn a thing or two from the new Steam OS, for their upcoming “console” will be similar to the current in BIG PICTURE mode on steam that is a very clean and easy to use interface with similar aspects to what 8.1 start screen does, it just does it better.

    • Avatar Johnathon Buchannan says:

      Actually I have tried it multiple times and I still prefer windows 7 over windows 8 for obvious reasons other then it did the last time I used it glitched out and would not get to the logon screen which does suggest BAD programming by Microsoft. As a whole I do prefer windows 7 largely due to how easy it is to use with a mouse and keyboard compared to the metro interface which would be fine if it was on a tablet or phone which the interface was originally and should have stayed just that.

    • Avatar Anonymous says:

      Have experienced it, don’t like it. Microsoft needs to learn that, while they want to push the “next generation” of devices that are more mobile, they still have to support people using the classic desktop and laptop machines. Windows 8 on my Lenovo ThinkPad T410 was great in terms of startup and shutdown speed but awful in terms of UI and usability, which is why I ditched it in the end – good thing my organization let me test-drive it on my machine before making any more permanent decisions.

      Having said all this, I’m planning to ditch Microsoft entirely. As a programmer, Linux and UNIX-based systems are more ideal for what I do as Windows is far too constrained and bulky to be of any real use to me. The only reason I still use Windows is for Steam games, and with the latest announcements by Valve and NVIDIA, it looks like that won’t be so for much longer. So, good riddance Windows. I’m very sure given the sentiment of my peers that I’m not the only one in this mindset.

      Oh, by the way. If you think Windows 8 starts up fast, get a build of Arch Linux up and running on a computer. Even install X and a moderately heavy UI like Xfce. Follow some of the configuration steps. And then reboot the machine. The latest builds of Arch start up in <5 seconds when configured correctly and shut down in <1 second pretty universally. (And just think, you can get all that for free.)

  • Avatar Joe Wingett says:

    Well, thank heavens SteamOS is coming out, meaning games may actually get ported to Linux. Then we don’t have to worry about what Microsoft are doing with their business, and our money.

  • Avatar says:

    i still use windows xp in my old laptop.i have seen lot of prolems in windows 7 then windows xp.
    When installing windows 7 from usb it always says an error,when installing windows xp from usb it says no error.
    Old is Always Gold.

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