Microsoft Will Let Windows 7 Die Quicker Than XP

WindowsITPro report that Microsoft is planning to avoid the same “problems” encountered with Windows XP with Windows 7. Those problems are essentially that Microsoft failed to get its Windows XP user-base to upgrade to a newer OS. Windows XP had been Microsoft’s longest supported OS after Microsoft continually extended the OS support life and retirement date. This meant that Windows XP ended up out-lasting its successor Windows Vista. Windows 7 on the other hand will not get extended support or an extended retirement date according to this new report. The reason is clear – Microsoft wants to push people towards Windows 8 and 8.1

Of course the interesting thing is that a lot of users upgrading from Windows XP have opted for Windows 7 instead of Windows 8. While this seems like a sensible solution to many the fact of the matter is mainstream support for Windows 7 ends January 13th 2015 and Microsoft has no intention of extending this deadline for consumers, while extended support for business users ends on January 14th 2020. So the message is clear, if you’re thinking about investing in Windows then you might want to think again with Windows 7 because even if you believe it is better than Windows 8 – it won’t be supported for very long.

“While many of us believe that Windows 7 will neatly slip into XP’s role and become the next XP—partially because so few businesses are interested in Windows 8.x—Microsoft will instead push its newer OSs and let Windows 7 die a quicker death. It believes that by “listening” to customers with Windows 8.1, it can make this happen.”

Image courtesy of Microsoft