Microsoft Wants to Make Edge Support Chrome Extensions

Microsoft’s Edge browser is definitely an improvement when compared to the old Internet Explorer, but it still not as popular in the average user’s eye as Chrome and Firefox, mainly because it doesn’t support as many extensions. It’s true that Edge has recently received its first batch of extensions, but these are not exactly numerous or even particularly useful at times, which is why Microsoft Senior Program Manager Jacob Rossi has stated that the company is working on a “porting tool to run Chrome extensions in Edge.” Apparently, this tool was designed to allow developers to create Edge versions of their extensions, but it’s worth mentioning that the tool doesn’t support all APIs at the time of writing.

That’s because it is not completely finished yet, but it’s probably safe to assume that it could prove very useful for developers once it reaches its final version. For now, the feature is still in its testing phase, and it is currently available only to Windows Insiders in the fast ring. If Microsoft Edge would receive support for Chrome’s extensions, do you think that you might consider making it your default browser? From my experience with it, Edge is a very snappy browser, but I think there’s something about its UI that drives people away.