Microsoft Updates Windows Defender to Remove Superfish

Microsoft has emerged as the hero within this whole Superfish/Lenovo story, as the company has updated its anti-virus software to detect and remove the offending program. Windows Defender, which is preinstalled on Windows 8, and Microsoft Security Essentials, the free-to-download equivalent for Windows 7, have both had their virus definitions updated to detect Superfish.

Where previously removing Superfish was quite a tricky and unclear process for most novice users, the process has been made incredibly simple and easy, with Windows Defender and Security Essentials both able to completely remove the software automatically. Even those users who were unaware of Superfish will have it removed now as well.

Microsoft has really saved the day as it were, resolving the problem for many and if not most of those affected by Superfish, especially considering the fact that all installations of Windows 8 come with Windows Defender.

Source: The Verge