Microsoft Responds to Advert Claims in Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows Insider members recently noticed an unusual suggestions bar embedded into the Start Menu. This appeared in the latest testing build and offered information about third-party applications. Some critics and users quickly reported these suggestions as adverts which is open to interpretation. According to Microsoft, the suggestions are simply designed to customize your user-experience:

“We will continue to offer Windows Ads in Apps on Windows 10. Beyond that, we do not currently have plans for advertising in Windows 10.

“Lock and Start content is programmed by Microsoft to help customers learn and discover new features and apps to enhance their Windows 10 experience; app publishers are not paying to be featured.”

While the suggestions tab isn’t overly intrusive, some might feel its a hidden way to embed adverts into the Start Menu. Additionally, Microsoft shouldn’t integrate loads of visual tabs or the user-interface will become a complete mess. Currently, the suggestions tab is incredibly small, and doesn’t detract from the core experience. In theory, Microsoft could insert adverts into the operating system as the majority of upgrades have been via the free promotion. However, this would be extremely foolish and I’m sure their strategic team is aware of this.

Do you think the promotions tab constitutes an advert?

Image courtesy of BetaNews.

Thank you The Inquirer for providing us with this information.