Microsoft Removes Windows Experience Index From Windows 8.1 Preview

According to Softpedia and McAkins Online, the Windows 8.1 Preview drops the Windows Experience Index benchmarking software. Anyone using the Windows 8.1 Preview will probably have noticed this. It is interesting that Microsoft have decided to remove the Windows Experience Index as a lot of people use this as a system benchmark. The Windows Experience Index was introduced with Vista and it was used to determine key aspects of system performance such as hard disk speed, RAM performance, CPU performance, gaming performance and so on. The Windows Experience Index takes the lowest score out of all your tests to give you an overall system score, very often in most cases a mechanical hard drive would be the main limitation on system scores.

We have no information on whether this is a permanent change or a temporary one. Given the fact Windows 8 has it, and Windows 8.1 isn’t that different from Windows 8 structurally, there is no reason why Windows 8.1 shouldn’t have it. We expect to get confirmation about whether the final version of Windows 8.1 will have the Windows Experience Index when the Windows 8.1 RTM version is released later on this year. Maybe Microsoft has an alternative benchmarking tool up its sleeves?

Image courtesy of Softpedia