Microsoft Preparing Large Windows 10 Update in November

Windows 10 will be receiving a substantial update in November according to a trusted source known to industry veteran Paul Thurrott. The revised version of Windows 10, known as “Threshold 2” includes a number of new features and user-interface tweaks. For example, Cortana’s language library will be expanded and Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool contains a raft of changes. Additionally, there will be enhancements to make Microsoft Edge’s user experience more friendly. Although, extensions for Microsoft’s browser are not arriving until next year.

While individually the changes aren’t noteworthy, the combined effects makes for a rather significant update. Please note, the update won’t require any kind of activation and delivered through the standard Windows 10 update procedure. It’s interesting to see how Windows 10 evolves over the next couple of years and the response to user feedback. Overall, Windows 10 has been well-received but some users are quite skeptical about Microsoft’s data gathering activities. Nevertheless, Windows 10 and DirectX 12 illustrate the bright future for Microsoft’s last official operating system.

I’m pleased to see a regular update schedule, and Windows insiders can provide feedback on the latest Beta builds. This transparent software delivery model is refreshing and helps to shape Windows 10 into a popular, and highly respected operating system.

Have you made the switch to Windows 10 yet?