Microsoft Giving 10,000 Surface RT Tablets To Education Sector For Free

Microsoft’s Surface RT sales may have been slightly sluggish in the consumer market but they are still great products. In an attempt to do some good for society, or maybe just shamelessly self promote themselves, Microsoft are giving away 10,000 of their Surface RT tablets to educators for free.

The move is part of Microsoft’s “Windows in the Classroom Surface Experience Project” and they have teamed up with the International Society for Technology in Education to distribute these 10,000 tablets.

“This bold move is illustrative of Microsoft’s commitment to the effective use of technology in education. It’ll be fantastic to watch attendees take their conference learning experience to the next level through the power of their new Surfaces and to hear about the ways they use them with their students.” said Brian Lewis, CEO of the ISTE.

Online registration for the ISTE conference will end on June 18th so interested parties must register by then and that can be done at the following location. The event kicks off in San Antonio, USA, on June 23rd. As far as I can tell from the T&Cs this is a promotion for the whole world but naturally non-U.S educational establishments are disadvantaged as you are required to visit the San Antonio conference to redeem your free Surface RT tablet.

Image courtesy of Microsoft