Microsoft Flashed Halo 2 Remaster at Comic Con 2014

Damn this looks nice! Even if it is just pre rendered footage. Yes i’m talking about the new trailer that was screened at Comic Con 2014 in San Diego a few days ago. The trailer is made up of different snippets of different cut-scenes that have been completely overhauled in the remastering process. From the trailer, which I’ve embedded below, looks incredible!


Certain Affinity, Master Chief Collection’s developer, also released a list of just a few multiplayer maps that have been touched up to meet the “remastered” standard. “Zanzibar,” is getting the remake treatment alongside “Lockout,” “Ivory Tower,” “Coagulation” and “Ascension.” The final of the six remastered maps will be revealed at Gamescom in Germany next month.

Unfortunately for myself, I don’t have an Xbox One so I won’t be able to play the MCC. The only Halo games I’ve played are Halo: Combat Evolved, yes the first ever one, Halo Reach and the first level of Halo 4 at a friends house. I never played number 2 or 3 and I feel ashamed that I haven’t played every game in the Halo series, ok maybe missing out on Halo Wars wasn’t a bad thing.

Thanks to Engadget for supplying us with this information.

Image courtesy of Engadget.