Microsoft to Ditch Internet Explorer

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Poor Internet Explorer. Slow performance, poor security, and the butt of jokes and memes for over a decade.

ie meme

Its feelings obviously hurt, there will be no Internet Explorer 12 to accompany Windows 10 next year. Microsoft is officially retiring the browser and replacing it with a new, improved model, codenamed Spartan. As its name suggests, Spartan will be a lightweight, stripped down browser, in the same vein as Chrome, Firefox, or Opera Next. Spartan will be available for both desktop and mobile devices, though Windows 10 will ship with Internet Explorer 11, for compatibility reasons.

Though no release date has been announced, further news is rumoured to be revealed on 21st January, 2015.

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2 Comments on Microsoft to Ditch Internet Explorer

  • Avatar Imran says:

    poor security? I thought IE was the best secured browser out there because it is very unlikely someone would attack it

    • Avatar Xavier Isaacson says:

      When it comes to protecting users from the ocassional piece of malware, IE does a fairly good job, having one of the highest detection rates for such things out of all the currently available browsers. Unfortunately that is no longer the biggest concern for internet users, but rather what we worry about more now is malicious attacks and personal data being directly compromised without end user intervention, and for that IE has a deserved reputation in the industry for being pretty much the worst.

      See here for a list of the 464 known vulnerabilities of IE, some of which could be catastrophic if taken advatage of on a “sensitive” network:

      The best web browser for all round security is still Chrome, with Firefox in second, IE in third, followed by Opera and bringing up the rear is Safari. No surprises there then.

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