Microsoft Discloses Hololens Development Price

Whenever Microsoft showcases its Hololens technology, the world rightfully responds in awe due to the vast number of visual effects and huge potential. Yesterday, Microsoft demoed a game entitled, ‘Project X-Ray’ which revolves around menacing robots emerging from a wall. This neat in-house development is incredibly immersive as you employ a ray-gun to fend off the hordes of devastating enemies. This is all possible through the Hololens headset which could revolutionize gaming in the future.

Virtual Reality is certainly the next major technological innovation and the exuberance and tactile nature of Microsoft’s Hololens is difficult to beat. Developers are already working in tandem with Microsoft to create new and unusual experiences. Also, the headset could be used for non-gaming purposes to train apprentices in a more practical manner.

As with any pioneering technology, the initial cost is quite high and only really aimed at development studios. Microsoft has set the Hololens developer pricing at $3000 which is surprisingly affordable given its financial potential in games and other software. Clearly, in the next 10 years, Hololens will become more accessible to consumers in terms of price of availability. During the presentation, members of the public expressed their feelings on social media and it was overwhelmingly positive. As a software company, Microsoft took a risk to enter the hardware market and it seems to be finally paying off.

What do you think of the Hololens?