Microsoft Demos Windows 10 Apps Running on Xbox One

Microsoft has teased us with universally usable apps across all platforms since the introduction of Windows 10, but without any details of how it would work or look. That has finally changed now at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Microsoft’s technical lead for Windows universal apps, Kevin Gallo, demonstrated Windows 10 universal apps on Xbox One, but the showcase wasn’t so much about a specific app or tool but rather to demonstrate the scalable and adaptive user interface that Windows 10 will bring along. It will make it easier for universal apps to run across all platforms including PCs, phones, tablets, and TV screens via the Xbox One.

Microsoft will detail its further plans at the upcoming Build developer conference in April and we can then expect developers to start building their Xbox One apps over the summer.

Another thing revealed at the demonstration was Microsoft’s plans to use hosted web apps in Windows 10. While those would possess limitations, the backend that they would be built on, would also allow these to be easily ported to full universal apps that would run on all Windows 10 platforms.

Thanks to TheVerge for providing us with this information