Microsoft defend Windows 7 pricing structure

Early today we published an article featuring Microsoft’s new Windows 7 pricing structure, as well as some pictures of the box art.

A lot of concerned potential customers sparked outrage at the pricing, saying it was too expensive. US Pricing is the only indication at the moment, but expect prices in the UK and Europe to be about the same due to VAT and tax.

Microsoft have since defended its pricing for the Windows 7 computer operating system with a statement saying “The prices are about 17 per cent cheaper than Vista”. Redmond has made it clear that people who buy PCs before the new system goes on sale in October will get free upgrades.

We also commented on the fact that Microsoft will be taking a limited amount of pre-orders for Windows 7 today. Depending on the flavour of operating system, prices are starting for as little as $50.

For the average customer, an upgrade fee of $120 will be needed to be paid to upgrade their existing machines to the Windows 7 Home Premium version. This works about about $10 less than the equivalent Windows Vista upgrade.

Professional and Ultimate upgrade versions will cost $200 and $220 which has no better pricing than Vista.

Apple’s press department has commented on it’s Leopard to Snow Leopard upgrade, being the fact that it is only $30, so why is Microsoft charging so much to get people off of it’s predecessor?

If you are after a full version (not upgrade) you can expect to pay $200, $300 and $320 for Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate.

Some users will be on XP and Vista for a lot longer than expected.


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