Microsoft Cracks Down On Windows 8.1 Piracy – KMS Only Lasts 6 Months

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Softpedia reports that Microsoft is cracking down on the way it deals with pirated copies of Windows 8.1. Typically Microsoft had been lenient on the pirate community and copies could be easily activated and manipulated by a variety of crack tools (RemoveWAT, WATFix, Windows Loader, Auto KMS, etc). These pirated copies which could be easily activated/cracked are still entitled for Windows updates, as Microsoft decided not to block updates to these pirated users. On Windows 8.1 this may change.

Microsoft is targeting the KMS activation technique which currently allows Windows 8.1 users to activate their Windows free of charge with a custom host and a few lines of command. However, Microsoft has ensured this KMS fix isn’t as long term and easy as it previously has been. Now the KMS will only last 180 days, 6 months, essentially acting as an extended trial version. Furthermore, Microsoft is apparently considering blocking custom hosts in KMS activation to prevent the exploitation of the system for piracy. Microsoft are still yet to comment on what the situation is with KMS activation so we will be sure to bring you their response when we see it.

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19 Comments on Microsoft Cracks Down On Windows 8.1 Piracy – KMS Only Lasts 6 Months

  • Avatar Mark Blackburn says:

    only 4 gb

  • Avatar Wanda88 says:


  • Avatar Callumpy says:

    I use a key for Windows from Dreamspark as i’m a university student. If I wasn’t able to get it off there, there’s no chance i’d use Windows without pirating it because it costs £100 just for the core version. Utter rip off, people should stop using Windows and get Linux.

    • Avatar Jordi VanWinkle says:

      I got it with Dreamspark as well. It was also nice to have it a few months before the actual release lol. but you are definitely correct about that pricing. lol

    • Avatar Pete says:

      Thanks for the headsup, just realized my university also has a dreamspark program so just downloading legit 8.1 for free. Saves me all this headache 😀

  • Avatar Jason Walker says:

    another reason to stay with windows 7 not to mention that windows 8 is terrible and microsoft only continues to release new OS’es to get more money hence the direct x 11.1 integration of 8.1. They could have easily added 11.1 to 7 and 8 but want people to spend more money for a crappy product. I sure wish that AMD would release their own OS for gamers and have it compatible with all AMD and Intel and Nvidia hardware perhaps even adding major performance increases with this kind of hardware or for that matter Intel making their own. Microsoft is clearly reaching out to tablet and mobile owns and really left gamers feeling let down.

    • Avatar Jason Susavidge says:

      …the trend is actually heading towards linux…luckily you cant pirate FREE 🙂

    • Avatar Postulative says:

      Yeah, the $15 I paid for Windows 8 Professional was a clear waste of money. Apart from faster boot times. And better security. And some future-proofing.

      Of course, I hardly ever stray onto the Start screen – but I don’t have to. Windows is stronger, faster, better – on the desktop.

      • Avatar Erik Hiebert says:

        Windows 8 performs worse in the desktop in my experience. The way it prioritises things is very strange, and when a game locks up whereas in 7 I could easily pull up task manager and close it, in Windows 8 and 8.1 when a game freezes it basically locks up my whole system and I can tab out to desktop, and then the desktop remains all black and it takes like 10 minutes for task manager to open.

  • Avatar yogalD says:

    Stupid article, KMS was ALWAYS only 6 months

  • Avatar avi says:

    Stupid article kms feathers its support windows updates its support ms off 2013 allso
    and one more thing its always 180 days….

  • Avatar alvi says:

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  • Avatar Surya Chandra says:

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    Download link provided in discription

  • Avatar Quiz Expo says:

    windows8.1 64 bit activater carack download

  • Avatar Tania says:

    Another Link for windows 8.1 activator 😉
    link :

  • Avatar derp says:

    kmspico…. they failed hard, lol 😀

  • Avatar Jon says:

    KMS has always been a 180day 6month renewal cycle. It’s been this way since I’ve known about KMS in an enterprise environment

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