Microsoft Confirms Forza 6 Apex Coming to Windows 10

If we take Microsoft’s words at face value, the day of console exclusives galore may soon be behind us. But as we all know, actions speak louder than words and Microsoft has done so with the Forza 6 Apex. Being a Forza title, many would expect the game to be a Xbox exclusive, but the title will be coming to the Windows Store for Windows 10 shortly. What’s more, it will even be free to play.

Apex will be a curated title on the Windows Store that while being cut down, will still offer much of the Forza 6 experience. Only 1/3 of cars are unlocked but the rest can be grinded out by playing or bought with real money. From the demo, it looks like the game is decently optimized, with 4K 60FPS being possible with an i7 6700K and GTX 980Ti. This is due to DirectX 12 as well which likely is a big help. It’s unknown which settings those figures are based on but those with more GPU grunt can probably turn up the settings even higher if they want.

The biggest downside however will be the UWP or Windows Univeral App platform the game is written on. As we are now learning, games based off of UWP take more work to implement some features like vysnc or uncapped framerate. It remains to be seen how Apex and Turn 10 will deal with these restrictions. It will be interesting to see how the lowliest of the low Windows 10 PCs and tablets handle the title.