Microsoft Believes That Virtual Reality Is Not a ‘Now’ Thing

Two virtual reality headsets are confirmed to hit the marked in late 2015, early 2016, with many more to come afterwards. Games developers are already working on titles that would take advantage of the latter tech, but many doubt that the current VR technology will be able to become popular.

One of them is Microsoft Xbox chief, Phil Spencer, who believes that there are great things to come with virtual reality, but it is not quite a ‘now’ thing.

“I don’t think VR is a ‘now’ thing,” said Mr. Spencer in an interview with Edge Magazine, reports GamesRadar. “I’m not saying it’s five years from now, but it’s not really a ‘now’ thing. […] Right now, it has just been about technologies and things that I think we need to do on Xbox One to make the experience better, and that is where our focus has been.”

Spencer revealed last year that Microsoft has been toying around with VR, but did not give any exact plans. The major concerns relating to the technology involves stable framerate and ultra-fast responsiveness of games, requiring a lot of computing power to achieve the latter.

It is also understandable for Microsoft’s Xbox division to raise concerns regarding the VR tech. While a modern-day PC is capable of providing the necessary power to run a VR environment, Microsoft’s Xbox consoles are not so lucky. Regardless, Spencer seems to understand the importance of this technology.

“Even from a content perspective there are a lot of conversations about VR, and I think it’s a very interesting tech for us to watch on the console side as well as the PC side,” said Mr. Spencer.

While Microsoft Xbox’s team decides on how to approach the VR market, Sony announced that it will launch is project Morpheus headset for PlayStation 4 in the first half of 2016, taking the company once again one step further ahead of its competition.

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