MGS V Fans Are Asking for the Release of the Game’s “Cut” Ending

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is currently enjoying praise by critics and gamers alike, and while the game itself is definitely worth playing, it looks like its ending is not exactly what fans have hoped for. To be more specific, recent news have revealed that a large part of the game’s story was cut out in the editing room, and this includes the game’s intended ending. On the MetalGearSolid sub-reddit, several fans are talking about the possibility of creating a petition that would ask Konami to release a proper send off for the game, as the current ending leaves the storyline in an unfinished state. The cut ending can be viewed on YouTube but I don’t recommend watching it unless you don’t mind spoilers.

Right now, that part of the game is available exclusively for those who purchased the Collector’s Edition of MGS V, and there’s no way to know if the ending will actually be released for everyone in the future.


The cut content is called Episode 51: Kingdom of the Flies and its action takes place exactly after the events that concluded The Phantom Pain. The story revolves around Eli, as he departs Mother Base with several other child soldiers and the Sahelanthropus Gear. During the mission, Snake has to infiltrate the island and extract several targets, Eli included, before the English strain of the parasite is able to take control of them. It’s quite odd that Konami has decided to leave this part of the game out, especially since it ties up several loose ends.

Thank you PixelDynamo for providing us with this information.