Metal Gear Solid V Will Be Bundled with Nvidia Graphics Cards

If you’re looking forward to the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and you’re also in the market for a new graphics card, then you’ll probably want to have a look at Nvidia’s new bundle. Nvidia is known for bundling up some of the most impressive PC games with its high-end graphics cards, and Metal Gear Solid V is now replacing the previous offerings that included Witcher 3 and Batman: Arkham Knight.

The graphics cards that are eligible for the bundle are the GeForce GTX 960, 970, 980 and 981 Ti, but some gaming notebooks with a GTX 970M or 980M will also include a free copy of the game. The offer is only available at certain retailers, and upon purchase, you will receive a redemption code that will enable you to download the new Metal Gear Solid game after September 15. Metal Gear Solid V is a Nvidia sponsored title, but interestingly enough, it boasts no GameWorks features. However, the title will see some benefits from SLI and Dynamic Super Resolution.

The bundle is already available on Amazon for quite a few Nvidia graphics cards, and the offer will remain available until October 1, which means that you still have a bit of time left to save up on a new card.

Thank you TechSpot for providing us with this information.