Metal Gear Remake in Unreal Engine 4 Receives a Tech Demo

Remember when we told you about a Metal Gear remake in Unreal Engine 4 named Outer Heaven? Well, it looks like the project is coming along nicely, as its creator has just released a fantastic tech demo for it. What makes Outer Heaven special is that it represents an Unreal Engine 4 version of the original Metal Gear, which means that players get to enjoy an original storyline as well as detailed places and scenes. As far as the story is concerned, it is focused on Solid Snake, who is sent on a mission in South Africa by his superior Big Boss. Snake needs to find a missing squad member named Gray Fox and find out as much as he can about a weapon named Metal Gear.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the project is still in its early development stages, and so there are bound to be some issues with it. However, those of you who are willing to give it a try can always go ahead and download the tech demo right here. Considering the fact that it was put together by a single individual, I have to admit that I’m quite impressed by Outer Heaven so far. Hopefully, the final version of the remake will be released soon.