Meet the Alarm Clock That Brews Coffee Whilst You Wake

I’m guessing most people reading this like to wake up with a nice cup of coffee, or tea if that takes your fancy. The problem is we have to get out of bed, trundle down stairs and put the kettle on to start the process. Meet the Barisieur, an alarm clock that brews coffee right on top of your bedside table the moment the alarm goes off.

I for one don’t drink the stuff and can’t see myself starting to now but there are millions of people around the world who just can’t function until they have at least one cup of coffee running through their system. The market for something like this is huge, as I just said millions of people wake up with coffee and I’m guessing they wouldn’t say no to a decent cuppa being made by their own alarm clock right before their eyes.

The Barisieur uses induction heating and stainless steel ball bearings and boils water for a pour-over brew, giving off the aroma of your favorite beans as you rise to start the day. Unfortunately there is only one of these in the world but there are plans to mass produce it for retailers with a selling price of £150 – £250.

Would you pay that much for a Barisieur? All that cash for a little luxury on your bedside table? Let us know below!

Thanks to Tweaktown for supplying us with this information.

Images courtesy of Tweaktown.