Meet Omnipresenz: Your Human Avatar

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Ever wanted to explore the world without actually having to go outdoors? Well soon you’ll be able to, according to the people behind a new crowdfunding campaign. Omnipresenz allows you to explore a place via an audio and video link from the head of another person – think of them as your human avatar.

The concept is simple – a guy walks around a city with a GoPro and an internet connection, you connect to them via your computer and tell them what to do and where to go. It may seem crazy, but that really is it.

With the system, a user pays their ‘avatar’ to do what they say and you get to experience it with them. The team behind it have built a special interface within which you issue your commands. It has been billed as “real-time crowdfunding” where people can build up cash by being asked to do things.

The concept has raised questions though about its practicality and of course about the ethics of paying to essentially control someone. But still, it’s an interesting concept. It will certainly be quite effective when they have a version to work with Oculus Rift, something the developers are planning. However, something like this may only be truly realised once the people can be replaced by telepresence robots.

What do you think – is it wrong to ‘control’ people like this, or is it a clever idea that is yet to be truly realised?

Source: Wired

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  • Avatar Wayne says:

    Whats wrong with it? Paying someone to control them and tell them what to do is far better than paying someone to control us and tell us what to do yet we submit to it all the time in the form of elections and paying taxes, no one ever questioned those morals and ethics before. Paying that chump to obey your orders is far more rewarding and worthwhile, not to mention cheaper than greasing the palms of corrupt, crooked and brainless government officials from whom you’ll never receive any satisfaction from anyway.

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