Meet MSI’s New GT80 Titan With Full Mechanical Keyboard

18 inches of beauty – MSI’s new GT80 Titan notebook contains a blisteringly fast GTX 980M graphics card and a fully mechanical SteelSeries keyboard. The Taiwanese technology manufacturer has just let slip details of their new champion product release aimed at the high-end gamer market. Unfortunately, the full technical specifications are not yet known, only the graphics card has been hinted alongside their inclusion of a Cherry MX Brown SteelSeries keyboard. We’re not talking about a generic laptop chiclet style keyboard with a ‘mechanical feel’ here – it’s a full-blown ‘mech’. We’ve also heard some further rumors of possible SLI graphics card integration, but they are  currently unconfirmed by MSI.

The first concern that comes to mind is weight limitations due to the high system specifications coupled with the full mechanical inclusion. Reported at 4.5 kg and 49.1 mm thick, now might be the time to start working out in the gym if you’re planning to travel with this hot piece of tech.

As far as the design goes, first impressions really makes us feel that most will have a love or hate relationship with this notebook – the extended plate above the mechanical keyboard can be viewed as unsightly, but possibly made up for by smooth red back-lighting on the keyboard.

As you can see in the above image, the keypad has been done away with and is now included within the touch pad, allowing for all the graphical goodness to be stored directly above the keyboard inside the chassis. Comparing this to most laptops you’ll see they have a full keyboard located above the keypad. Alongside this, due to the placement of the board you’ll notice this laptop has no where for you to rest your wrists whilst on the go.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really any more information to share about this product – keep your eyes peeled to eTeknix and we’ll be sure to release the information as soon as we see it.

Information thanks to Cowcotland
Image courtesy of Cowcotland