Meet the MeArm – A Kickstarter that Promises Robotics for Everybody

Meet MeArm – the robotic arm designed to teach anyone and everyone about robotics. Benjamin Gray from Nottingham, UK, has so far raised £13,966 for his small robot arm project that’s meant to make the science of robots accessible to all.

The product is simple – it’s a plastic arm that can be easily programmed to do pretty much whatever you want it to do. The guys behind it had already developed a successful but more complex variant and wanted to make it more accessible with this new version.

At the most basic level, the MeArm can be controlled with two supplied joysticks, while at the more advanced end it can be programmed using a programming language. I say advanced, but the designers have tried to make even that accessible to all – the MeArm can be controlled using Scratch, a very user-friendly language that utilises drag and drop procedures for its operation.

The MeArm currently has 256 backers amounting to £13,966 of funding – miles past their £5000 goal. The product looks like a pretty nifty way of teaching robotics and could work well in schools. See the source link to read more about it.

Source: Kickstarter