McAfee Anti-Virus for Your Watch? Intel Thinks So

Now I’m sure that everyone reading eTeknix is very familiar with the need to be protected. You’ve all got the right anti-virus software on your machines, all properly configured. Those of you who have Android phones too, I’m sure you take all the measures necessary to keep bad guys out. But with technology coming to even more places, including our wrists, it begs the question, do we need to protect those things too?

Intel certainly thinks so. At Mobile World Congress this week, the company just announced that they’ll be bundling McAfee Mobile Security (Intel owns McAfee) with LG’s new Watch Urbane LTE. Yes, just as you thought your wrists could be free of bloatware/crapware, Intel has gone and stuck McAfee on a smartwatch. Why you would need that is unknown – as of yet, there are no known pieces of malware that specifically target a smartwatch. Plus, the software you can download and install on such a device, even on a non-tethered watch like the one question, is highly limited, making it difficult to inadvertently download malware.

The biggest question from all of this though, is how do you get rid of it? Let’s hope it’s not as difficult as it is on a new PC.

Source: The Verge