Man Flies Into The Air Using Balloons

Pixar’s fantastically animated film Up was a major success at the box office, but this notion of a man floating in mid-air using only balloons could not possibly happen in real life. Well yes it can and it has as one man has decided to undertake a stunt which looks wonderful but also landed him in trouble.

An individual by the name of Daniel Boria who is from Canada, attached 110 large balloons which were around 2 meters in diameter to lift him skyward in a lawn chair reports Canada’s CBC. This event was a publicity stunt for of all things, his cleaning products company which certainly became noticed after he floated past people’s windows in a deck chair. After landing, Daniel Boria stated that “it was the most surreal experience you can ever imagine.

Below is the image and it certainly shows how high, no pun intended, he managed to achieve, so much so that when he looked down, he could spot a few 747 planes landing and also taking off. Once he landed he was arrested with Police officers confiscating Boria’s parachute and his video which he recorded while aloft, although what he will be charged with is anyone’s guess.

This story does show the ingenuity of people if their minds are put to it, it’s great publicity although it did cost $20,000 (£12948.96) after he spent cash hiring an airplane to carry a banner advertising his company to make circles around the Stampede grounds. Next time you would like a cleaning company, remember the man floating up in the air.

Thank You RT for providing us with this information

Image Courtesy of HDW