Man Creates Combat-Ready Protective Batsuit

A Philadelphia University student has built a Batman-styled combat suit. Jackson Gordon, an Industrial Design student, has crafted the custom Batsuit to resist against punches, blunt trauma, and even sharp objects like machetes. Sadly, the suit is not bulletproof.

Gordon first created a Batsuit for cosplay, but soon started to adapt his design to become more functional. The first prototype was ready by September 2014, with the more recent version starting development mid-November last year, after a successful Kickstarter. The suit was completed a few weeks back, and Gordon invited investors to the Katsucon event in Mayland to test the suit out.

Though the suit weighs 25 pounds, with the helmet alone weighing 3 pounds, though Gordon insists that it does not impede mobility, saying, “It sounds like a lot, and when you have it in a bag over your shoulder it weighs a ton, but when you are actually wearing it, you barely feel it. If this were to inhibit my movement, it would be completely useless.”

More details on the combat Batsuit can be found at the Armatus Designs Facebook Page.

Source: io9